This campaign is all about helping people understand that oral disease can be prevented and that good oral health is essential to overall health. It's time to put the mouth back into the body and stop the artificial separation of oral health from overall health.

Physicians, dentists, fitness professionals, Arcora Foundation (formerly Washington Dental Service Foundation) and others are working to spread the message that: you're not fit unless your mouth is fit.

This website is your ultimate resource for unleashing the power of oral health. You'll find tools and how-to tips to help you keep your mouth and body healthy. There is even a comparison calculator to see how your oral health habits compare with others around the state.

We're also launching a media campaign because, while most people in Washington brush twice a day, floss daily and get a dental checkup regularly, too many are not yet taking the necessary steps to improve their oral and overall health. We're looking for partners - like you - to help us spread the word about the power of the Mighty Mouth, and how a clean, healthy mouth - free of infection - can improve diabetes and other health problems, and decrease healthcare costs.

You can help. To be part of our campaign, sign up here. Help us help everyone benefit from the power of The Mighty Mouth.

The effort is sponsored by Arcora, a non-profit funded by Delta Dental of Washington. Arcora Foundation is committed to preventing oral disease and improving the oral and overall health of everyone in Washington.

Questions? Contact Arcora Foundation at Info@ArcoraFoundation.org.