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Dinner's on Lou

Lou's at it again. Those regular checkups, flossing and brushing really do pay off.  

The Gunk between your teeth

Most people in Washington are getting the gunk out. 

The Gunk moves in

Don't let gunk settle in. Make flossing easier.

Why get dental checkups?

You can brush and floss away plaque, but only a dental office can remove tartar. 

Lou the Tooth Fairy: Flossing

There’s no tooth fairy for flossing, but caring for your Mighty Mouth does pay off.

Snacking with the Tooth Fairy

There's no tooth fairy for adults, but smarter snacking does pay off.

Lou the Tooth Fairy: Oral Health Checkups

There’s no tooth fairy for adults, but caring for your oral health does pay off. See how much you can save by taking care of your Mighty Mouth.

The Mighty Mouth –A Key Part of
Keeping Washington Healthy

How does Washington stay healthy? One of the ways is managing our mouths.

A lot has changed since Medicare became law

A lot has changed since Medicare became law in 1965, including our teeth.

Who’s Your Smile Icon?

No matter who you think has an admirable smile, you can get one too. Unleash the power of oral health.  

Managing Diabetes by Managing Your Mouth

Washington residents are finding easier ways to manage Diabetes, and they are right beneath the nose.

The Real Magic Pill

There's no magic pill. But something right under your nose comes close. 

Radio Spots


There's a lot you're planning for in retirement, don't forget to also plan for good oral health.


Floss daily or carry around gunk you don't need.