It's Spokane Teeth Week –
that's good news for your Whole Body.

With oral health screenings, fun family activities, prizes for participating and lots of simple tips, this is the week to take action towards a Mighty Mouth. You're more fit if your mouth is fit.

Teeth Week

Teeth Week Events and Activities

October 18-19: SmileMobile at The Salvation Army Campus
  • The SmileMobile is a mobile dental clinic providing dental care primarily to children with limited access to care.
Oral Health “Storytimes”
  • Oral Health "Storytimes‚ÄĚ in Spokane city and county libraries¬†to engage parents and children. Check with your local library for times.
Other activities throughout Teeth Week
  • Activities at Mobius Kids with tips to help keep kids cavity-free
  • Public Service Announcements featuring Matt Santangelo and Kris Crocker (KXLY-meteorologist)
  • TV advertising highlighting Lou, the unconventional Tooth Fairy
  • Educational outreach in schools through the Spokane District Dental Society
  • Outreach to media and community organizations about the importance of oral health
  • A social media campaign - visit The Mighty Mouth Facebook page and share the posts


Presenting floss. The easier way for Spokane residents to look younger, longer.

Kris Crocker for KXLY 4 news