5 ways to make flossing easier in 10 days

1. Stop the bleeding in a matter of days

Healthy gums won’t bleed. The best way to stop gums from bleeding is to floss daily for a week or two. Typically, this is enough time for most.

2. Make it less awkward

Learn the technique. This quick video shows you the flossing technique that makes it easier, not awkward.

3. Use floss that fits between your teeth

Try wax floss. It moves between tight spaces better. Be sure to use at least 18 inches so you have enough to work with. Also try a tiny brush or dental pick to clean between teeth.

4. Leave it off the "to do" list by combining with other habits

Then it doesn’t feel like “extra.” Flossing in the shower is our personal favorite. Or floss before you brush. It only takes a couple of minutes. If you want reminders, sign up below.

5. Unlock new benefits

As a flosser, you’ll look younger, longer. And you can breathe easy (and fresh) because now you’re cleaning 40% of the gunk that brushing missed.

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