The Mighty Mouth Campaign

The Mighty Mouth is a campaign to build social norms around the benefits of preventing oral disease and to deliver the message that oral health is essential to overall health. Too many people aren’t aware that good oral health is part of a healthy pregnancy or that disease and infections in the mouth are linked to other serious health problems including diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Many parents do not realize the importance of early screenings and that cavities are almost entirely preventable. By encouraging people to take care of their oral health and practice healthy habits, The Mighty Mouth campaign helps people live better, look better and stay healthier.  

Arcora Foundation

Arcora Foundation is a non-profit funded by Delta Dental of Washington, the leading dental benefits company in Washington State. The Foundation is bending the arc of oral health toward health equity by partnering with communities and using evidence-based approaches to prevent disease, increase access to dental care, and ensure that oral health is part of whole-person care. To effect change, we collaborate with partners across the state and nation to shape policies and increase advocacy for oral health. We invest in new approaches, and use our technical expertise and grant funding to achieve these priorities:
  • Transformation - change health systems to integrate oral health into whole body care,
  • Access - expand access so all people receive the dental care they need to stay healthy, and
  • Prevention - promote policies and practices to prevent oral disease before it starts.
We are committed to changes that will most benefit those who bear the greatest burden or risk for oral disease including pregnant women, people with diabetes, lower-income families, and communities of color. Our goal: improve oral health with no one left behind. We are driving towards disease prevention, 100 percent access and zero disparities.

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