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What are others doing?

Is your mouth mightier than most? Compare yourself to the rest of the state.

How to Unleash the Power

  • Floss Every Day
  • Brush Longer, Not Harder
  • Get an Oral Health Checkup
  • Avoid Grazing Throughout the Day

Unleash the Power Yourself

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The Mighty Mouth –A Key Part of Keeping Washington Healthy

How does Washington stay healthy? One of the ways is managing our mouths.

Lou the Tooth Fairy: Oral Health Checkups

There’s no tooth fairy for adults, but caring for your oral health does pay off. See how much you can save by taking care of your Mighty Mouth.

Who’s Your Smile Icon?

No matter who you think has an admirable smile, you can get one too. Unleash the power of oral health.

Good Job Washington
Good Job Washington

See what a new survey reveals about the state of Washington’s oral health.

Cost Savings From Oral Health
Cost Savings from Oral Health

Find out how taking care of your oral health could help you take a trip to Fiji.